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Amir Tsrouya

Founder & CEO, Tukuoro

Dear Imran,

Only after couple of days do I have the chance to comprehend and digest the last intensive 2 weeks.

I feel humbled and privileged to have the chance to learn from you and adopt knowledge but also attitude.

I am taking many things which I learned from you on with me, in my professional path and also on the personal side, in believing in myself and my team!

I am attaching my presentation deck, which includes your last comments (in the restaurant at the Investors pitch evening) and again – wish to thank you so much.

Yours faithfully,

Amir Tsrouya



Amir Tsrouya

Founder & CEO, Tukuoro

Hi Sasha,

Rarely does one feels so incredibly inspired after participating in a presentation.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, for the time and effort, presenting for us on Thursday, as part of the Merage institute seminar.

The information conveyed therein was truly inspiring, and was communicated in the most creative way I have ever experienced.

Last I wish to thank  you for your concluding words, which were heart warming and by far the best epilogue we could have imagined for this wonderful 2 weeks.

Thank you

Amir Tsrouya


Nachshon Margaliot

CEO, OffLA SelfSafe Ltd

"I met Merage Institute personnel for the first time almost a year ago. It was right after my company, OffLA, filed the registration forms to be part of "The Best Idea: Merage 45+ Entrepreneur Competition 2014".

I never, never saw a group of such a kind and helpful people, working together, full with a joy, most of them as volunteers, but, all of them share the desire to contribute, to lead young Israeli companies toward a success.

After winning the 1st prize in the competition, a prize that totally improved the route of my company during the last months, I joined HLS2015 Seminar.

I must say it was very intensive and hard work, but a great experience. 

I thought, as many Israeli people does, that American business people are actually Israeli business people that simply speak and write in English instead of Hebrew. 

Thus, if you can speak English - this is all you need to make business in the states. It was a big, big mistake...

During the seminar, wrapped by the warm hospitality of the families that opened their homes for us every evening, we realized that culture gaps are not so small as we thought, we understood that behavioral and even discussion habits are different, that we do need a lot to learn and practice in order to increase our companies chances to make business in the states. The extraordinary lecturers made the class hours to be a great experience, even though it was in English, which was not so easy for many of us. The dedicated tours that were arranged for us simply completed the whole process to be very fruitful and helped us see the big picture. 

I learned and experienced a lot in the seminar and see it now as a must for Israeli CEO or BD manager, if he or she really want to make business in the US. 

I want to thank each one of the staff that was involved in the seminar and especially to Mr. Paul Merage, who invented that brilliant idea and made it happen.

I wish all of you all the best."

Haim Engler

Co- Founder and CEO, FlameFlex

“I have participated in the Merage conference for medical device companies on October 2014. These two weeks were very intensive and very fruitful. It enriched my business knowledge and expanded my personal network and skills. I thank Merage for giving me such a great opportunity and for introducing me to so many wonderful and brilliant people.”

Michael Kardosh

Managing Director , AFfix Medical

It is difficult to know where to begin praising the U.S.-Israel Innovation Bridge Leadership Program for Medical Devices Executives which I have recently had the privilege of attending.

The lecturers and professors were all excellent!  They succeeded in widening my horizons in general and broadening my perspectives on the American market.

I also appreciated being able to meet with local community members in the evenings.

This was a valuable opportunity whose lessons were most pleasantly learned.

Tamar B. Katzir

Co-Founder, BioImage (

"It was a great honor to have the opportunity to participate in the U.S.-Israel Innovation Bridge Leadership Program for Medical Devices Executives. The program context was excellent, fruitful and educative. The lecturers were fascinating and presented their knowledge and experience with a willingness to help. The OCTANe event which was held during October 21th-22th gave us an opportunity to participate in interesting lectures and to meet people from multi-disciplinary backgrounds.

The hospitality during the evening dinners was touching and warm. The concept of mingling with inspiring people was extraordinary. I was amazed to discover the possibilities for collaboration with OC and I truly believe that we will find the way together to promote new technologies and address a well being Israel-US community.

I'm grateful to Katherin Merage for bringing her vision to help Israeli entrepreneurs and to Paul Merage which made it come true.

For me it was an unforgettable experience and I will recommend definitely my colleagues to participate in this program in the future.

Iram Levit

Co-Founder & CEO, Lyra Medical Ltd.

"An entrepreneurs' candy store. In a very intense and effective two weeks, I have met so many useful resources and gained tools that could be a great asset for me and my business. From Merage faculty members to evening keynote speakers and hosts, and last but not least a set of extremely talented and diverse group of fellows. In two weeks, I’ve been able to make contacts that might take years to accumulate."

Michal Kahan

CEO, Lev El Diagnostics of Heart Diseases Ltd.

"Thank you for the opportunity to be part of an unusual program, in which we all left our day-2-day work for two full weeks to focus on only one thing - accessing the US market. This meant; excellent lectures by the UCI faculty members addressing all aspects of doing business in the US, and great community event each and every evening. The warmth and kindness of the families that opened their homes to us each and every night was exceptional, starting of course with Katherine, Paul, and Lilly Merage.

On top of the program itself and the networking it created, the bonding of our own team (medical device 2014) is something that will remain with us all.

Thank you the Merage family, Yishay and the whole Merage institute enhanced family!"

Amir Inbar

CEO, Mediclever Reimbursement Consultants

“A big warm thank you to Paul, Lilly and Katherine, the Merage Institute’s faculty, Yishay, Kristie, Rhiannon, Haim, Yael and the Jewish community of Orange County CA, who have given us wisdom, boosted our businesses and opened their homes and hearts to us. The fact that so many people, who never knew us, went out of their way to help us was, by itself, a life changing experience.  I believe they actually helped in making Israel a better place. ”

Oz Vachtenberg

Founder & VP of R&D, DenTack Implant

"I couldn’t even dream with the amount of precious knowledge I will take with me back to my Company. Yishay, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally. You and your colleagues are doing tremendous work."