Zeev Friedman

H.O. Operational infrastructure, Production planning & ILS Division

Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD), IMDO

Mr. Zeev Friedman is the manager of a division that manages the full co-production and procurement plans between the U.S. and Israel as part of the Israeli Missile Defense Organization. These programs have an annual budget of $300-400M and navigating it requires a lot of production management experience. He has also a lot of experience in research and development projects, including leading a number of engineering and complex infrastructure programs.

His academic education includes MBA, Practical Engineering Degree in Mechanics, LLB & LLM in Law, BA in Economics and several specializations and Proficiencies courses.

This research, development and production experience includes more than 40 years of practice and accomplishments in various levels of management.

Mr. Friedman became an officer in the Israeli Air Force in 1980, beginning his career as Technical Officer in a Flight Squadron, following it as a Project Officer in the Research & Development Directorate in IMOD. Then, in 1987, his experience enlarged by managing the development, production, test and evaluation of complex technological systems for 7 years.

In 1996, Mr. Friedman initiated the buildup of production lines of the Arrow Weapon System in Israel. At the same time he was managing the creation of the collaboration with the U.S. Missile Defense Agency and several U.S. Defense Producers, creating co-production lines by Israel and the U.S.

From 2006 and on, Mr. Friedman is responsible on initiating, planning, prioritization, control and implementation of all the transfer of Missile Defense systems development programs into production lines, in Israel and in the U.S. simultaneously. He is also managing the infrastructure of it as well as the logistic support being built in the Israeli Air Force.