Zeev Arazi

Zeev had a camera in hand since the age of 16 and comes from a family of photographers.  Through his photography, he attempts to “look inside” the moment, finding the story in the situations he captures through his lens. 

Zeev studied film at Camera Obscura and directed and produced promotional videos, bringing his cinematic outlook to the world of stills. 

In his career, he is in constant movement between the still and the moving image.

Mr. Arazi co-founded TAVC, a visual marketing agency, with his wife, Meirav, who handles the commercial aspects of the company.

As a seasoned visual marketer, Zeev offers clients the rare gift of being able to extract the essential selling story behind any brief then delivering engaging marketing films with excellent payback. Zeev works mainly with clients from the worlds of technology and science, and has extensive background in retail, marketing and sales management.

Zeev is evangelical about the marketing power of video. Whether it’s a corporate video or product explainer, video testimonial or exhibition eye-catchers or film for social media, he always ensures his clients achieve successful and stand-out marketing outcomes.

Zeev has two sons, aged 20 (currently serving in the IDF) and 17.