Yossi Houminer

Since his recent retirement from 25 years’ employment in the Prime Minister’s Office in Tel Aviv, Yossi Houminer currently divides his time among the following professional pursuits:

  • Co-founder and Facilitator of Workshops and Simulations at Virtual Round Table (V.R.T.) Events Management Systems, a six-month-old start-up company for the development of a virtual management system for multi-participant events (including multidisciplinary and cross-organizational events) and for intra-organizational and inter-organizational information sharing.
  • Lecturer of a course on the State of Israel’s approach to security at the Max Stern Emek Yizreel College and of a course on the strategic surprises of the 20th Century and Israel’s approach to security at the Emek Yizreel Senior Citizens’ College.
  • Lecturer on security and intelligence issues and facilitator of workshops on political decision-making in schools and other organizations.
  • Having graduated with an M.A. in Political Science (Security Studies) from the University of Haifa in the no-thesis program in 2010, Yossi is currently writing his thesis on the culture of Israeli intelligence, also at the University of Haifa.

Professional highlights:

Employment in the Prime Minister’s Office:
In the seven years before his retirement, Yossi established and managed a Situation Room for emergency and routine periods in the Prime Minister’s Office in Tel Aviv, where he managed approximately 25 staff members and sub-managers and coordinated collaboration with different security and governmental organizations.

In this role, he became deeply acquainted with diverse organizations and their working strategies, and with ways to promote effective collaboration in routine and (political and organizational) emergency periods. During his managerial years, he was a partner in establishing the technological infrastructure for operating the organization’s emergency system, and established the operation strategy procedure for the proper running of the Situation Room. The system was active during actual events and in multi-participant exercises, in which the organization took part.

Prior to this, Yossi spent many years in the intelligence (mainly political/research) field, while becoming deeply acquainted with the various research authorities and particularly with the relevant governmental authorities.