Yoram Abecasis

Yoram Abecasis (Lt.Col. Res) is the Founder and CEO of ABYO Solutions Ltd.- A consulting company in the field of Defense and Homeland Security, providing business development services and bridging operational gaps with innovative and combat proven solutions.

Yoram has over 28 years of experience in the field of military & H.L.S technology – Combat Engineering, Armored Force, Countermines, Counter IEDs, Border security, Counter-terror solutions, command & control systems, surveillance systems and Robotics.

Yoram holds a consulting position in IAI as the Business Development Manager at IAI/RAMTA and Operational Consulting to IAI/Elta in the field of Counter IEDs advanced solutions.

Yoram supports other advanced industries clients in; initiating new projects, concepts and solutions for militaries, writing requirements and performing technology analysis, and supporting tests and evaluation of new defense systems. Based on his previous experience, he represents the “voice of army customers” in terms of operational and technical aspects.

Prior to this current position, Yoram served as:

 –Director Army Procurement in the MOD New York Mission to the U.S.

– Head of Combat Engineering and Low Intensity Conflict branch in the weapons system division of Ground Forces

–Led cutting edge ground forces systems and weapons projects, responsible for all aspects; planning and implementation, from the creation of the operational concept, through the approval process and R&D, to field deployment

Yoram was the Israeli Technical Project Officer (TPO) for the Data Exchange with the U.S. Army

Yoram holds a B.Sc and MBA degrees from the Ben Gurion University

Yoram was born in 1962; he is married to Shulamit since 19 and has 4 children: Maya, Sivan, Avishag and Leean.