Yonatan Malka

Yonatan Malka is a former professional triathlete, head coach of Nike Israel and a consultant to leading international companies with over 20 years of experience in the sports and wellness industries.

Following an injury and retirement from his professional athletic career, Yonatan started coaching for Nike Israel and developed a methodology to utilize physical activity as a tool to improve personal and social abilities. His successful coaching approach brought him to lead lectures in Japan, Taiwan, Serbia, Hong Kong and other countries worldwide.

In 2016 Yonatan become an official advisor for Nike Inc. and managed the Nike+ Run Club operations in Israel. While doing so he took part in the Nike+ Running app development and testing. Yonatan’s articles and industry insight reports have been published by major Israeli websites such as Ynet, Walla, Shvoong and more.

In 2017 Yonatan co-founded ‘Next Stop TLV’ –  a voluntary event that brings social media influencers to Israel for a four day running trip in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. In collaboration with the Israel Ministry of tourism, Tel Aviv municipality and local sponsors this event has attracted running industry leaders from 11 countries and reached over 200k users on social media in only four days.

Based on the experience gained working with the biggest firms in the industry in Dec 2015 Yonatan founded Reaction – a new approach to workplace wellness. Within a year he started operating the wellness programs for leading firms in Israel such as Microsoft, EY, Nespresso and more while establishing a team that has led a 100% year on year growth (2016-2017)

Yonatan’s interests include speaking Japanese and has a strong passion for culture explorations. He loves to read books, travel and meeting new people.