Yehoshua Maor, Ph.D.

Yehoshua Maor completed his graduate studies (M.Sc. & PhD) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research focused on both chemistry and biology of cannabinoids. He has also been a postdoctoral fellow at the Harvard Institutes of Medicine in Boston before returning to Israel as the coordinator of the Hebrew University Center of Excellence in Agriculture and Environmental Health and lecturer of toxicology.

Dr. Maor has received awards for outstanding scientific presentations including the prestigious Kaye Innovation Award for his discovery of novel antihypertensive agents based on non-psychotropic cannabinoids. His research has been published in the highly peer reviewed PNAS journal and the British Journal of Pharmacology among others.

In a shift to his academic career Yehoshua endeavored in business and has proven himself also in this area. In 2010 He founded and acted as CEO of Phytor, a company specialized in nutritional supplements including research of phytopharmaceuticals for cancer treatment. Dr. Maor’s expertise include medicinal, organic and analytical chemistry, cannabinoids, pharmacology, toxicology and environmental health, a wide range of knowledge in multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary areas.

In January 2017 Dr. Maor founded and is the CEO/CTO of a new startup company, Resorcix – a life sciences company developing solutions for the microbiology challenges in the food industry. Dr. Maor is constantly involved both with the academic and business community in Israel, as a lecturer of toxicology and a senior consultant for toxicology and regulatory affairs.