Yaniv Kotler

Bio:Yaniv was born and raised in Israel. After serving the army and obtaining the second degree in Cell Physiology from the Hebrew University, he served in the Israeli Police, managing intelligence units and operations in the center of the Israeli public interest. In 1997 he obtained his law degree from Bar Ilan University and accomplished his interne ship in the field of litigation. From 2003 yaniv has entered the Biotech startup field identifying promising inventions and participating in there development.

Professional highlights include the following:

  • Yaniv is the co-founder and president of KoVax Ltd., established in Israel in 2003. The company was led from the startup stage to a solvent production unit. Yaniv has developed the production methods, led the R&D to new products and the regulation team to be the first vaccine licensed by the USDA outside of N. America. Kovax established itself as a unique niche company specializing in viral fish disease.
  • Yaniv serves as a director representing the investors in Cardiogal Ltd. A medical device startup company in the cardiovascular imaging field.
  • Business advisor representing Yissum, ( The licensing Company of the Hebrew University),. in Biotech early stages R&D project – detecting colon cancer using personalized medicine methods.
  • In the last 6 years a group of USA angels are represented by Yaniv to identify and execute investments in the Israeli biotech fields.
  • Founder and CEO of Genefron – a company active in the field of personalized medicine using novel approach enabling prediction of defined treatments outcome. The company is planned to begin sales Q2 2014.