Yadin Haut

Yadin Haut, is an entrepreneur at heart and a methodical leader. He founded OptimalQ at the age of 26, (August 2015) and achieved initial revenues after only four months. Since then OptimalQ has signed 6 figure deals among top enterprise brands in Israel and established a healthy sales pipeline which includes enterprise customers of various sectors amongst Insurance, Finance and telecommunication industries. Prior to OptimalQ, Yadin served in IDF technology unit – Ofek, studied for his B.S.c in Computer Science at The Academic College of Tel-Aviv and was a former employee at RSA. Under Yadin’s leadership, OptimalQ participated in SigmaLabs accelerator program and was ranked first among 40 investors at SigmaLab’s demo day. Though coming from a deep technological background (Served at Ofek- IAF technology unit and worked on various development and system projects), Yadin’s work with OptimalQ has taken him to an entirely new direction. Creating new strategies and developing OptimalQ’s brand was the perfect combination between his skilled technological mind and his passion for entrepreneurship. Undaunted, he is not afraid of getting hands-on into a project, Yadin is truly a tech-problem-solver and an out-of-the-box thinker.