Yacov (Koby) Krips

Koby Krips is head of Elisra R&D group . Has a very rich experience (over 10 years) in leading systems development from a variety of disciplines: large scale image processing systems, RF signal processing, and DSP software.

Currently is a leader of a unique development group of 30 scientists and engineers developing the company IP in algorithm and system engineering and form the company startup incubator. This distinctive group is initiating and developing the future Elbit product lines. Cyber is one of the most rapid evolving domains – having a special angle threw connecting it to Elisra wide IP in RF DSP and machine learning algorithms.

Koby was Elisra representative in international convention in Europe and has experience in technical – business negotiations with international customers. He also published several articles in the field of image processing and navigation. Koby has a BA in physics from Technion – Israel institute of technology and BSc in Electronic engineering from Tel Aviv university. He is father of three living in Rehovot.