Uri Barkan

Uri Barkan, a devoted husband and father of three, was born and raised in Tel-Aviv, Israel, in 1977. After a meaningful military service in the Israeli intelligence unit 8200, his scientific curiosity took him to complete BSc in Physics and Math. He followed to complete MSc in Physics in the field of Neural Networks and graduated with honors. Both degrees were achieved in Tel-Aviv University.

After graduation he joined Elisra – a supplier of Electronic Warfare and Signal Intelligence solutions. Starting as a junior researcher, he went ahead to lead the R&D department, reporting to the CTO. At that role he learned how important it is to technologically innovate in order to stay relevant and competitive.

For the last 18 months he has been the founder and General Manager of a new Elbit company called Sigmabit. Sigmabit provides end-to-end intelligence solutions to both military and non-military customers, allowing them to digest and comprehend huge amounts of data in an automatic process and a timely manner.