Tuval Ben Yehezkel, Ph.D.

Bio:Dr. Tuval Ben Yehezkel completed his Masters, PhD and post-doc studies in biotechnology at the Weizmann institute of Science in Israel in 2012 under the supervision of Prof. Ehud Shapiro.

During his research at the Weizmann institute he lead multi-million dollar research projects, leading interdisciplinary teams of biologists, computer scientists and engineers to world-class technological developments, as evident by his authorship of numerous scientific papers and book chapters, as well as authoring several key patents in the field of genetic engineering. Following his post-doc work at the Weizmann Dr. Ben Yehezkel established SynVaccine, a cutting edge vaccine development company. He licensed his PhD’s intellectual property from the Weizmann institute of science and additional intellectual property from the Tel-Aviv University and raised SynVaccine’s first round of funding from RadBiomed, a technological incubator in Tel-Aviv owned by the RAD group, one of the largest high-tech groups in Israel. He is currently leading the SynVaccine team through its early milestones.

Dr. Ben Yehezkel is also a father of 2 girls, a former member of the Israeli under 18 national Judo team and an amateur Squash player.