Tomer Lark

Tomer is the CEO of Serenno Medical, developing a new generation of UO measuring devices, and unique IAP testing methodology for monitoring ICU patients.

He is passionate about making great products. He got his start as an Industrial Designer, where his love of the process – learning, creating, fixing, and improving products found an outlet. He turned his knack of problem-solving and management skills into a career in designing medical devices, industrial machines, military gear and robotics.

His experience ranges from operating a design consultancy, developing Frisbee (the sport) in Israel, and now developing a new kind of medical technology to automate the last critical metric in the ICU. His work in these vastly varied fields allowed him to cultivate a love of learning and attempting new things.

A self-professed workaholic, Tomer is committed to his projects and his team, focusing on how to create and deliver the best possible result under all constraints. He enjoys mentoring and helping others in similar paths and always on the lookout for interesting things to explore.