Shimon Elharar

Thirty years of experience as senior commanding officer in IDF and Prime Minister’s Office. Expert on technological research, military engineering and HLS. In the last three years Mr. Elharar has been the VP for Business Development in Bio-Nexus Ltd, a software startup company, specializing in programing workflow processes on mobiles environments for high risk and high cost Assignments.

Shimon is married with three adult children and two grand-daughters. I’ve been living in Maccabbim, since 1986, as he is one of the community’s founders.

Mr. Elharar holds Master’s Degree in Middle Eastern Studies (Bar-Ilan University). He attended in professional training in the School of Business Management (Ben-Gurion University), as well as the IDF’s and PM’s Office’s Officer’s school for command & leadership. Between 2001 and 2014, Mr. Elharar served in the PM’s Office as a commanding officer and held a several key positions. Shimon Elharar joined IDF in 1973 for compulsory service and retired after 27 years with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. During his military service, he has held many senior roles, such as, Technology research officer in military intelligence, Economic and strategic studies of Middle Eastern countries, Deputy Commander – scientific & technology department, Branch Commander – S&T department for counter proliferation and counter terrorism.