Shay Fleishon Ph.D.

Shay Fleishon is the executive director of the BioJerusalem center for Business development of the Life Sciences industry in Jerusalem.
Shay holds a PhD from Weizmann Institute for Science, were he researched microalgae as a new agriculture source. During his academic years, Shay led a team of specialists which advocate the safety and prominent capabilities of the use of biotechnology in agriculture and food production.
After graduating, Shay served as an advisor to the Israeli Ministry of Economy. There he led the office work on creating a strategy for the field of agricultural and food biotech in northern Israel. Afterwards, Shay joined the Jerusalem Development Authority as Director of the BioJerusalem center.
As Director of BioJerusalem, Shay is leading an effort to strengthen the food and agriculture biotechnology sectors. Taking advantage of his knowledge and experience in these fields, he implemented an approach that considers the uniqueness of these sectors which require unique assistance different from other biotech sectors.
Shay believes that the Food and Agri Biotech industries can significantly enhance the local economy of Jerusalem and the Israeli economy as a whole, but only if they are given the right assistance in order to remove barriers on their way.
In addition to his work, Shay runs a blog that deals with agricultural and food technologies as well as political influences on these fields, and lectures on those subjects.