Raymond O. Aghaian

Ray Aghaian is a partner in the Los Angeles office of McKenna Long & Aldridge where he focuses his practice on white collar criminal defense and complex civil litigation.

Ray Aghaian is an experienced trial lawyer who has not lost a trial verdict submitted to a judge or jury for deliberation. Mr. Aghaian also has significant appellate experience and has briefed and argued a number of cases before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

From January 2005 to January 2012, Mr. Aghaian served as an Assistant United States Attorney with the Department of Justice in the Central District of California, where he was a member of the Cyber & Intellectual Property Crimes Section. Mr. Aghaian helped lead the Department’s efforts to address an array of white collar crimes including: bribery, copyright and trademark infringement, health care fraud, theft of trade secrets, cyber intrusion, mail, wire, and bank fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, and mortgage fraud.

In the area of cyber-security, Mr. Aghaian has successfully limited the scope of review of defense contractors’ computer networks from searches by the FBI and Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) to non-proprietary files and malicious code installed on computer systems resulting from cyber hacking incidents. Mr. Aghaian has also advised cyber-security firms on the application of the Price-Anderson Act in relation to the improvement and evaluation of cyber-security systems at a nuclear power plant. Additionally, Mr. Aghaian has provided counsel in the area of mandatory disclosure and notification requirements of cyber- hacking incidents.