Raviv Kula

Raviv Kula is the CEO and co-founder of FruitSpec, an AgTech startup established in 2016. FruitSpec is a fruit yield estimation provider aiming to transform fruit market business.

Raviv’s seventeen years career in the high-tech industry spans across multiply functional areas including Strategic Marketing, Sales, Business Strategy and Product Management. His main passion is Business Strategy where business clarity is achieved while applying innovation to “product”, “customers or users” and “revenue model”.

As an entrepreneur prior to FruitSpec, he founded a video social mobile application startup and managed successfully international sales team and marketing of two prominent startups, both of them in the area of mobile application.

During his career he managed Comverse Voicemail’s Product Management team at the difficult period of 2002 to 2004, formalizing R&D, sales and marketing processes. Later he oversees voice division’s business (~$350M), and was in charge of 3 to 5 years product strategy.

Prior to his Comverse days, Raviv was an officer in the IDF in an intelligence technology unit and holds a master’s degree in “Geomorphological Application of Hyper-spectral Remote Sensing”.