Ran Nachmias

From the age of 6 Ran has been active in sports. Swimming teams, basketball and so on. In the army he served in an Intelligence role and as an indoor cycling instructor in the Israeli air force. Immediately upon his release he engaged in the fitness field at gym clubs. Ran worked as a leading instructor, and a master personal and group trainer. In addition, he worked in management positions in Israel’s largest gyms. As part of his adult years, Ran executed a number of ideas in other fields as an entrepreneur. The last of them was a successful bar in the nightlife scene.

Today Ran is the founder and the CEO of the Master Trainer application. An App that is easy to use and provides management and marketing options for any business in automated and simple ways. With a unique and exclusive algorithm for marketing on Facebook! Anyone can manage a successful marketing campaign for their business which will definitely increase their revenue. Since Ran comes from the field of fitness, his bread and butter, he decided to focus on this niche first and then offer this service in other areas.

In addition to this baby, Ran also has two lovely sons and a cute dog named Sandy alongside his wife Orly.