Ralph Stern

Ralph Stern (BA University of Neuchatel, Switzerland; MBA Stanford University) held management positions with FMC and Eldon Industries prior to becoming the major stockholder and CEO of two dental manufacturing companies: Denar and Steri-Oss. These companies were market leaders in dental implants, dental tomographic machines, and TMJ products. In 1993, Steri-Oss was acquired by Bausch & Lomb;

in 1994, Denar’s major product lines were acquired by Teledyne and Orion-Soredex, the largest health care company in Finland. In 1987 Mr. Stern founded Care Credit, the largest consumer finance company serving the specialty health care markets of dentistry, veterinary medicine, ophthalmology, audiology and cosmetic surgery.

He served as CEO of the company until it was sold in 2002 to GE; he now has a consulting position with GE. In 2006 he acquired a TV retailer, known as the king of big screen televisions. His outside activities include the graduate organizations of the Young Presidents’ Organization, several local charitable organizations and golf.