Raed Nakhla

Raed is the third generation of a very successful business in Israel best known for its coffee brand Nakhly Coffee. He has entered his family business in 2015 and has been in charge of the business development department and has helped the business develop and expand in new and innovative segments. He has helped develop an automatic machine that cooks traditional Arabic coffee as well as making the first ever Nespresso compatible Arabic Coffee Flavored Capsule.

The Freekeh Project as he calls it has been a big part of his job as this has involved the research of the traditional Industry of producing Freekeh (Roasted Green wheat) and then developing the needed machinery and facility to produce such product for the U.S market. Currently he is in the process of establishing in Freekeh Brand-Fire Grain Freekeh- in the U.S. as well as finding possible distributors and strategic partners to help him do so.

Raed has lived in the U.K for 6 years were he has studied his high school and then his University. He has a BA (Hons) in International Business with Economics and Spanish from the European Business School London. He is a multicultural character fluent in 4 languages (Arabic, Hebrew, English and Spanish) and very passionate about traveling and meeting new cultures.