Prof. Ram Reifen, MD

Ram is a pediatric gastroenterologist, a nutritionist and a professor of human Nutrition at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dr Reifen graduated The Hadassah Medical School, did his residency in Pediatrics in Jerusalem, and a dual fellowship in Pediatric gastroenterology and Nutrition in Sick Kids Toronto.   Prof Reifen was the head of the School of Nutritional Sciences at the Hebrew University and is currently the director of the research center for nutrigenomics and Functional foods.  Ram published more than 120 peer-reviewed papers and 60 students graduated from his lab. He is a member of international and national committees in nutrition and health related subjects, and is a senior consultant to the food industry and to governmental authorities. Ram has been a board member of several start-up companies sand entrepreneurships associated with food and nutrition. Ram’s vision is to carry out research that translates to better nutrition and health.