Oren Avrashi

In the last 13 years Oren has been working at Tempo Beverages. Tempo, one of the top FMCG companies in Israel, is a total beverage company with leadership position in alcoholic beverages. Oren’s responsibility is Innovation and Business Development, overlooking the R&D department and Sustainability. Oren searches for new businesses, new technologies, new categories and new products that may serve as future growth engines for Tempo.

Oren’s core strength which led him to his position at Tempo is his remarkable ability to study fast and autonomously a new field, master it to a level that allows him to interact with experts and connect the dots to make a business out of it.

Oren didn’t grow up in the food industry. In fact he started as a software engineer in the army (92-99) and continued working in high tech companies for several more years.

After falling in love with the FMCG world, Oren decided he wanted to become a part of it, so he went to Tel Aviv University to study (MBA mastering in marketing and entrepreneurship). In late 2004 Oren was lucky enough to get an analyst position at Tempo. Since then he successfully led several roles in the company such as Specialty Beers manager, Export, Sustainability until his current position of Innovation and Business Development.