Nachshon Margaliot, Ph.D.

Nachshon Margaliot is a serial entrepreneur who founded few startup companies over the last 20 years, following a career with the Israeli Defense Forces (Rank: Lt. Col., ret). Nachshon brings leadership and experience on both management and professional levels, being multidisciplinary in skills as well as education.

Professional highlights:

  1. CEO & co-founder at OffLA SelfSafe, a startup company dedicated to the development of a unique fraud detection system, which runs off-line on smartphones, shielding eWallets from fraudulent activity.
  2. CTO of MAN Investment, a company that developed an automatic stock trading system that traded 1.5 Billion dollars in NASDAQ and NYSE during 2008-2009.
  3. Founder and CEO at SpeechView Ltd, SpeechView enabled hearing impaired people to use a telephone, combining special hardware and sophisticated real time speech recognition engine. Nachshon founded the company, raised several million dollars and served as the CEO and CTO of the company. He led the company through the initial R&D process to a working product that was sold in Israel.
  4. Founder and CEO of M. Insight, a consulting company that provided consulting and software development services, focused on BI processes. The major client of the company was the Israeli Ministry of Defense. He sold the company in 2002 to an Israeli software integration company.
  5. Prior to that, Nachshon served in the IDF in various strategic planning positions, up to the rank of Lt. Colonel. Models from his Ph.D. dissertation are being used for strategic planning of IDF long-term human resources in the past 15 years.

Nachshon holds a B.Sc. in Computers & Statistics from the Bar Ilan University and M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Management Science, both from the Tel Aviv University. Nachshon also serves as a part time lecturer at Bar Ilan University School of Business.

Nachshon is 52 years old and lives in Elkana, Israel with his wife, three children and four grandchildren. He is a volunteer council member in his local municipality, responsible for industrial development. Nachson served as a deputy mayor for five years, responsible for the planning and zoning committee. In his free time, Nachshon likes scuba diving and playing chess.