Miriam Vider

Miriam Vider, third generation, in a family business. Food production, industrial plant called “Anvey Zion”. A leader in all aspects, of growing and running an industrial food business. Wide experience, of 18 years, in managerial positions in the fields of purchasing, logistics and Supply chain management.

In the last 3 years mainly, taking a primary role as a chief development officer in the company. Design and implement the company growth strategy. Acquiring new customers and business opportunity, mainly in the field of food trends and innovation.

Miriam’s greatest strengths are her drive and leadership. Creative problem solver. Strategic thinker. Quick decision-maker, result-oriented. Excels in interpersonal and communication skills. She thrives on challenges, particularly of those that involves identify solutions when conventional thinking has failed. Her most recent project involved signing a strategic agreement with an Italian company called IRCA, which significantly advanced the company’s sales capabilities. Irca, an Italian leader in the field of chocolate. Irca cooperation with Anvey Zion strengthen the company market position as one stop shop for wide range of items designed for bakery and pastry production. Recently, she also signed a cooperation agreement with Tnuva USA.   

Miriam, an MBA major, holds, also, a degree in Behavioral Sciences, from Ben Gurion University. She lives in Ramat – Asharon, married to Doron Vider, Architect. Together they are raising three children. In her free time, Miriam engages in endurance sports, marathons and ultra-marathons. Being a long distance runner, for many years, She believes, that without the abilities of persistence and coping with difficulties, you will never achieve what you dreamt to achieve.