Michal Neeman

10 years of proven experience in business development for the Israeli Food & Beverages Industry.

In depth knowledge and experience of the Israeli food market, covering over 150 Israeli companies as well as global contacts with retailers, suppliers, governmental offices and academic-related institutes around the world.

In my most recent position at the Israel Export Institute, I Initiated contacts between global players and the Israeli food industry. I also worked closely with Israeli companies and advised on how to enter global markets and transform local business into international businesses.

Vast network of personal connections within the industry and high ambition have led me to this next step, which is to leave my governmental job and to establish Lumeega. Lumeega will be all about creating business opportunities in global markets, with emphasis on Israeli innovation.

M.A in Communications from Tel Aviv University, (1987) and an MSc. in Marketing & Management, University of Surrey, UK (1997).