Michael Vertheim

Mr. Vertheim, co-founder of transSpot, has been engaged in electronic commerce since 1999, and complements the team with his knowledge and experience in information systems, management, product design and the online marketing & advertising industry.

Mr. Vertheim is in charge of product development at transSpot including defining product requirements, product design, user experience (UX), user interface (UI), writing product requirements documents (PRDs and MRDs), prioritizing requirements and working closely with the development team. In addition Mr. Vertheim is also in charge for all the operational activities in the company.

Prior to transSpot Mr. Vertheim served as a financial analyst & consultant at @Z where he worked with leading institutions such as the Israeli Export Institute and LAPAM (the Government’s Advertising Agency).

Before that Mr. Vertheim was responsible for the development and operation of an online auction platform and an eCommerce shopping mall at Tapuz.

Mr. Vertheim holds a bachelor degree in Economics and Management studies from the academic college of Tel Aviv, Israel.