Michael Vardi

Bio:Michael has conceived Tempdrop (pun intended) in mid-2012. It took him about a year to secure a grant for developing the prototype and form partnerships with top fertility app developers, and another year for selling 370 devices to early adopters (mostly from the US) and officially “start the business”, gathering a team of highly skilled people to join him working together on developing the first wearable sensor that will help millions of couples achieve pregnancy simply, using their smartphones.

His first entrepreneurial experience came about between medical device startup projects (2006) – he has started a private kindergarten business for his wife in just three months, hands-on all activities: from construction work to guerrilla marketing, achieving ROI by Q2. Although quite different from biomedical engineering, it eventually allowed him, 6 years later to follow his entrepreneurial aspirations and start Tempdrop, funding most of the activities out of his own pocket and adhere to the long journey of starting his own company.

During his M.Sc studies he has joined the core team of Sialo (TASE:SALO) from inception up to IPO and R&D secession, and has been focusing on medical device start-ups ever since. He was the co-founder and CEO of EStimME, developing a neurostimulation implant to treat Tinnitus, and has led all of its activities, including clinical trials, intellectual property generation and more.

Michael holds a B.Sc Cum Laude in Mechanical Engineering from the Ben-Gurion University and an M.Sc in Biomedical Engineering from the Tel-Aviv University.

Michael is 39, married+3, living in Herzeliya, Israel. A year ago Michael and his wife Mali, decided to join a “Zionist start-up” and bought a piece of land in a new, currently under construction settlement in the Negev (“Carmit”) and they’re very excited to build their home there in a few years.