Michael Katz

Born in 1970 Chef Michael Katz on July 2016 Michael decided to set up his own “Michael Katz food for thought” consulting and mentoring firm. After working as the executive chef of the “Trattoria Haba” venue in Jerusalem, an innovative restaurant concept in the heart of Jerusalem.

Michael is currently one of the most demanded cooking demonstrations presenter and lecturer in the country when it comes to cooking and an Ambassador of the State of Israel when it comes to explaining Israeli cooking abroad.

During his 25years in the cooking world, Michael has worked in 2 and 3 Michelin rated Restaurants, owned his own restaurant, received the Master Chef association of Belgium title, was a full house teacher in London’s Cordon Bleu, helped to establish a cooking school in Mexico City and was the Executive Chef of various high profiled restaurants .

Since 2009 Michael gives consulting and advice to young chefs, he manages a blog dedicated to the young cooks and chefs with more than 100 articles published, to help them in their endeavor. He is married to Sandra and is the father of Mia and Gabriel.