Matan Melamed

Multidisciplinary serial entrepreneur, drone & tech geek.

Served for 8 years in the IDF intelligence (8200) at various technological and innovation positions, two of the projects he led won prestigious awards.

Following his army service, he founded his first company, in the field of shared transportation, which had an impressive organic growth in Israel. Later, he joined as a team leader in Integrity Project, a boutique embedded design house where he managed projects with multinational corporates such as Motorola solutions, Lockheed, Panasonic and others. Matan played a significant role in driving the company growth from 5 to 25, eventually leading to the company’s acquisition by Mellanox Technologies. In addition to these, Matan dealt with multiple ventures including registering and selling a patent for orthopedic implant

Today, Matan is the CEO of Iron Drone, providing state-of-the art counter-drone solution and autonomous precision flight solutions.

When time allows, Matan enjoys skiing, and engineering small-scale “maker” type projects such as a hovering couch, a graffiti drone, etc.

Matan holds a BA in business administration.