Matan Edvy

Matan Edvy is the CEO of Verstill, a company building a molecular distillery able to create any spirit in a fraction of time and cost.

Matan grew up in a wine making family, and after serving for eight years in the Israeli air force, working as a UAS test pilot, and studying math at the Open University, he moved north to study winemaking at Tel Hai College.

As of 2010 Matan started two companies in the field of unmanned aircraft and served as the chief pilot for Urban Aeronautics, an urban transportation startup building an unmanned version of a flying car. During this period Matan decided to start a whisky distillery in northern Israel.

Three years of research, studies in Scotland, and utilizing technology to solve financial challenges culminated in building a highly efficient distillery. This concept pivoted into Verstill, a startup commercializing the technology developed for the distillery.

Matan has rich technology development and operation background (test pilot, instructor, member of various standards groups, and various management positions), is a general aviation and a glider pilot, and co-founded Maof, a nonprofit youth at risk education program, and the Israeli Air Force Alumni group in NYC.