Marina Fridin, Ph.D.

Bio:Marina Fridin was born in Ukraine, she received MSc (in 2004) and PhD (in 2009) degrees in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel. For the last 4 years she served as a lecturer at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, Ariel University Center, Israel and head of the Therapeutically and Education Assistive Robotics Laboratory.

Her research interests include social assistive robotics, human computer/robot interaction, motor control, affective computing, cognitive user modeling, machine learning, and computer vision. Her research in human-robotic interaction focuses on socially assistive systems capable of aiding people through social interaction, within the current application domains of rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy and training of children with ADHD/ADD.

Dr. Fridin published more 19 scientific articles in most important scientific journal, robotics conferences and her research had great exposure in popular media.

Dr. Fridin has also great experience in high-tech companies, as a program developer, algorithm developer and leader of teams. Currently she is CTO of Abracadabra Robotics.