Keren Hummel-Alon

Keren Hummel Alon is a serial entrepreneur, a mobile-junkie, a blogger, a professional speaker and (yes!) a passionate ballet dancer. Keren believes that ideas are the most powerful engines a society can have. Her passion is to help people in her community and herself make those ideas come into light and shine.

 Keren recently founded BizzAppGlobalMobile, a young and innovative company with top professionals in app development, marketing and branding. Keren also owns and manages Shachaf Solutions, established over 15 years ago. Shachaf Solutions provides a broad variety of internet solutions, specializing in cloud technology, IT management, internet based management systems and eCommerce.

Keren acts in those senior executive roles with successful track of records in growing business profitability and accomplishing technical and management goals.

 Keren is also a professional consultant and lecturer on digital marketing, social media and business networks.