Igal Loevsky

Igal holds vast experience in conducting development of multi-disciplinary systems involving Computer Vision and Robotics, especially for industrial use. He holds a B.Sc in Industrial Engineering and Management, and a M.Sc in Robotics and Computer Vision – both from the Technion, the Israel Institute for Technology

Igal has developed advanced applications in the fields of Robotics and Computer Vision in the leading R&D laboratories of the Technion Research Institute – mainly for NICE, a worldwide leader in the field of technological solutions that capture and analyze video and audio data.

Later he joined Mobileye, technological leader in the area of road safety, developing computer vision applications for vehicles and pedestrians detection and tracking.

In 2009 he managed R&D projects in the Computational Vision Laboratory of prof. Lior Wolf in Tel Aviv University, mainly for the Israeli high-tech leaders Verint and Elbit.

Since 2011, Igal leads the development of Technology and Intellectual Property in VIBE Technologies ltd.