Hilla Shaviv

Bio:Hilla Shaviv is the founder of GalMedics Biotech and has been its CEO for the last six years. In 2004, after graduating from Caltech with distinction and completing her masters in bioengineering from Tel-Aviv University while focusing on bio-fluids, Hilla began working for a few biomedical companies and startups as an R&D engineer.

Her practical way of thought combined with “out of the box” thinking, enabled her to find simple but innovative solutions to various problems encountered in her work. GalMedics was established to develop one of Hilla’s own ideas – ActiLady, an innovative tampon that treats dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain).

Under Hilla’s management ActiLady was designed, built and clinically tested on humans, during which its efficacy was demonstrated.

Professional highlights include the following:

  • Developed an aortic blood filtration device as a Research Lab Manager and R&D engineer at SagaX Medical Technologies.
  • Developed a pressure stabilizer for plural cavity catheterization for post open-heart surgery patients and an automatic digital urinary device as an R&D Engineer and project manager at Biometrix.
  • Developed a heart assist device as a Research Scientist at the Heart Lab of the Caltech bioengineering department.
  • Engineering class teacher in the Jerusalem Engineering College.

Non Professional activities and experience include the following:

  • Established a voluntary program of scientific experiments for elementary school students.
  • Established the bicycle mounted police volunteers in Mevaseret Zion, Israel.
  • Taught science and technology in various venues – High school students as part of the “Technological Manpower” program of the Israel Institute of technology, instructor at the Israel Science and Technology Museum, and trained elementary school children towards nature and environmental awareness.