Hilel Richman

Mr. Richman has many years of experience in  developing and establishing electro-mechanic and fluid-mechanic systems, between the years 2000 to 2012 he was the key person in the development of some of the most advanced Flat Panel Display (FPD) accurate  non-contact air floating platforms, co-inventor of 5 main granted US patents ( 7530778, 7603028, 7604439, 8690489, 9022699), main users of those systems are Orbotech Israel – ORBK (NASDAQ), SHARP Japan, SAMSUNG Korea, LG Korea, AUO Taiwan, CHIMEI-INNOLUX Taiwan and others.

between the years 1982 to 1985 Mr. Richman served as a Chief Engineer Officer at the IDF navy, on 1992 got is BSc degree from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

On 2014 Mr. Richman started to promote his new innovative idea (SpheresTec) and received government support for his feasibility study.

On March 2015 a patent application was filed in the US, the patent (9581190) was granted on February 2017.

by the end of 2015 the feasibility study ended successfully and the first technological demonstrator (Prototype) was created.

Between the beginning of 2016 up till now 2018, some improvements were made and activity started for moving the technology into commercial products/applications, especially in the medical device field.

On April 2018 some medical applications were presented for the first time at the CMEF medical device exhibition in Shanghai China.

The show was very successful for SpheresTec, there was a big interest in the technology, and good connections were established.