Hemdat Goldberg

Jerusalem born Hemdat has been a revolutionary cook, in kitchens from the tender age of 10. That first chocolate cake for her cousin’s birthday set her on a varied and successful career in food. A host of successful events both locally and abroad as well as experience in restaurants, catering, home cooking and private chefs have made of her specialty and art form. Rome at a Michelin starred restaurant, and NYC at a top 20 Zagat rated restaurant, have assisted in international recognition, winning her a First Prize at the Napoli 2007 for Best Main Course.

Her formal studies span Industrial Design, Sociology and Anthropology. Currently involved in a further degree ‘New Israeli Cuisine’ at Hebrew University as well as the fabulous social initiative Chefs for Peace.

With Poiike her dreams are becoming a reality bringing her abilities, experience and knowledge to anyone wanting to be extraordinary in the kitchen.