Hagai Balshai

Mr. Balshai is the CEO of RoboTiCan. The company aims to lead in the field of autonomous robots both on ground and in the air.

RoboTiCan specializes in security & defense innovative robotic solutions. The company identified the growing need in counter drone systems by the security market. In response RoboTiCan developed a ground- breaking technology in the fields of electro- optics and data as a defense system that detects and identifies drones from a distance and intercepts it.

Before founding RoboTiCan, Mr. Balshai managed Ben- Gurion University’s (BGU) robotics laboratory. He completed his B.Sc. and M.Sc degree in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in robotics in 2015.

In the same period, he studied in BGU’s management school toward an MBA degree, which he completed in 2016.

Hagai has served for 4 years in the army, as a combat solider in a special search & rescue unit of the Israeli Air Force.