Guy Meger

Bio:Guy Meger has More than 10 years of experience in several positions in the medical industry as well as in the Defense Industry. Since 2007, VP of R&D at EarlySense LTD, recruited and led the entire R&D team and the company’s flagship project, the “Earlysense device”, from early concept stage to fully working, approved product which has been used on over 100,000 patients and has been repeatedly highlighted as one of Israel’s outstanding innovations. Leading the technological partnership with a billion $ company. Lead the company’s negotiations on a key project with a multi-billion $ medical technology company. Previous positions includes leading the integration of a large scale project in Rafael as part of system engineering team, Director of development (R&D) in Nexense, Led the development of all its projects (sensors, medical industry product line, automotive, and security), and Head of Logic Design Team and algorithm developer in Paratec.

Guy holds a B.SC in computers engineering, (joint degree EE & CS) from the Technion institute of technology and an M.BA from the Tel- Aviv university recanati business school.