Gili Golander

I live and work in Tel-Aviv, focusing on my startup Bazaart, a photo collage editor for mobile devices. Our mission is to help people around the world tap their creativity in a free, easy and fun way.

Daughter to a high-tech entrepreneur and a fashion and beauty professional, my career path is a delicate dance between those two extremes. I am enthusiastic about design, style, art, fashion and all things visual and beautiful and love how technology can enhance and democratize them.

My studies included a BA in Computer Science & Management from Tel-Aviv University and MSc in Human Factors Engineering, focusing on Human Computer Interaction, from Ben Gurion University. My Master’s thesis on trends in web design has produced award winning publications.

For many years, I have been developing and designing user experience for software products at startups (Onset Technologies, Wydeband) as well as corporates (Nasdaq: ITG). In addition, I was founding editor of the fashion section at Megafon, an Israeli online magazine.

As Bazaart’s co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, I am mixing the two worlds. Exploring business opportunities, concocting exciting collaborations, negotiating partnerships, curating visual content, writing messages, managing community, social media and PR, handling localisations, performing AppStore Search Optimization, monitoring analytics, and nitpicking the user experience are all things I do and love doing.

In my spare time, I serve as a volunteer mentor for women entrepreneurs at the “Google Campus for moms” program, and do my best to help new entrepreneurs. Oh, and I’m also a proud mom of 3 kids.