Gal Nachum

Gal started his professional career in the IDF’s prestigious Talpiot program for technological leadership. He later served for 5 years in the Israeli Air Force’s Software Unit and in 1991 has received the IAF’s award for technological innovation.

Gal is a serial entrepreneur that has co-founded Mobix (sold to Backweb in 1997), Synopsis (sold to Datasafe in 2000), Cash-U (merged with Niragongo in 2004), Unipier (sold to Flash Networks in 2008) and Ringya – a communication solution for groups such as parents, work teams, clubs and organizations and the like. Gal servers as a mentor and advisor to multiple startups and is also the mentor-on-board of the 8200 EISP accelerator.

Gal holds a B.Sc. cum laude from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science and an M.Sc. cum laude from the Tel Aviv University in Computer Science.