Frank Flores

Frank is pioneer in formulating solutions that drive growth in the evolving landscapes of the Internet age. Since the earliest days of online commerce, Frank has led and managed teams of talented and experienced marketers, software architects, and advertising executives, to build and execute integrated advertising campaigns for some of the nation’s largest brands. He has provided fundamental strategic direction that address current and emerging markets and customer demands for businesses cross-industry, from finance and education to travel and hospitality. His strong experience in multi-screen, cross-channel advertising has allowed him to seamlessly and effectively integrate digital and traditional media formats that significantly contribute to client ROI. Prior to co-founding moment | M, Frank was a managing partner and provided executive leadership for a prominent independent media agency, in Irvine Ca. Frank worked with his technical, marketing, creative and executive leadership teams to develop enterprise software tools that precisely measure cross-platform media performance in real-time, positioning the agency to the forefront of integrated media buying and planning.