Eyal Shahar

Mr. Shahar is the founder of Online Trading Academy. His vision and passion have been the driving force behind the company’s development and rapid expansion. Mr. Shahar’s love for people and innovative approach to business has helped Online Trading Academy transform lives worldwide through exceptional customer education and service.

Mr. Shahar is a seasoned executive who started his first business importing diamonds in 1983. After developing the business to supply over 600 major wholesalers, the business was profitably sold in December 1990. Beginning in 1991, Mr. Shahar purchased 50% ownership in a struggling publishing house with a new vision (to publish guides for the Performing Arts). With marketing experience, creativity, and leadership, he opened eight offices throughout the country and within 6 years increased company revenues by eighteen times. Later he entered the securities business, forming Newport Exchange Holdings in 1997, the predecessor to Online Trading Academy.