Eyal Malleron

With more than 15 years of consecutive operational experience with the Israeli Government operational units overseas and 6 years with the US Corp Security world in North & South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Mr. Malleron is a veteran of the Israeli Foreign Security Services. Fluent in Hebrew, English, and French and brings a vast understanding of the Israeli/American Business sector physical and information threats. Work experience includes the Israel’s Ministry of Defense, Foreign Service Security Bureau and for the Electrum Group Inc.

Since his return to Israel, 4 Years ago, Mr. Malleron has taken over the European Market at Fibrotex including the 3 most influencing countries, France, Germany and the UK, expending its capabilities to the defense community throughout the wide spectrum of strategic decision makers, technical agencies and down to the field with the operational end users.

In 2015 Fibrotex took a strategic decision entering the US Market and chosen Mr. Malleron to lead the Israeli company’s introduction to American Market, creating and managing the US subsidiary, Fibrotex USA Inc. while overseeing American’s biggest signature management solicitation since 2001 with the American DOD.