Eyal Adar

Eyal Adar is a leading expert in Security Risk Management, Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) and IT security. Mr. Adar is the founder and CTO of White Cyber Knight Inc. (WCK), a start-up company that provides a comprehensive platform for business driven cyber-security risk management for Critical Infrastructures. Mr. Adar has been involved in the field of Critical Infrastructure Protection since 2002, believing all along that it would grow as important as it ultimately did.

Today, Mr. Adar is one of the key researchers in this field. He was asked to join academic research teams in recognition of the work he did with key cyber security projects in Israel and Europe, and for his ability to bridge research and business. Mr. Adar was the founder and CEO of iTcon Ltd (1995 – 2008), an information security consulting firm specializing in security architecture. iTcon had a rich experience in the finance, government, communication and energy sectors throughout Europe and Israel, employing 30 security architects.

Partial client list: Leumi Bank, Discount Bank, Credit Suisse, UBS, Novartis, and La Cixa. iTcon was sold in 2008 to Aman group, one of the largest private IT services companies in Israel. Mr. Adar served as a senior security architect, in Israel and in Europe working with DuPont, Hoffman La-Roche, and Ministry Of Finance (1987-1995). He joined the Israeli Defense Forces, and served as networking and security engineer (1981-1986). Mr. Adar studied Electricity Engineering and Computer Science; and holds a B.Sc degree in these fields (1977-1981).