Eliya Elon

Eliya is the Business Development Lead at Axon Vision, where he runs point for growth, strategic partnerships, and initiatives.

He was the former Director of programs and education in Tel-Aviv Uni entrepreneurship center and still advises TAU about ecosystem building and supporting early-stage startups.

Eliya is a 2-time past entrepreneur, starting his first business at the age of 16. He is a Captain in reserve duty specializing in tactical hostage negotiations and person of interest profiling.

Eliya is an autodidact who taught himself countless topics including Deep-Learning (AI), Mathematics and Philosophy. He has an ongoing affair with alternative education concepts, which started at a young age when he decided to leave school and continues today in the form of consultancy to the Israeli ministry of education about the “Future of education,” as-well-as actively writing and speaking about this topic.

He Lives his life in Tel-Aviv with his partner in life Danielle and from time to time volunteers with post-traumatic combat soldiers at the NATAL organization.