Eli Tene

Tene is a partner and founder of Tenfold Group a company that offer to take low to mid tech companies into the American market providing funds, stratigic, structure, consulting, mgt and more

Eli Tene specializes in complex and creative residential and commercial real estate transactions, equity-based joint ventures, foreclosures, debt and equity financing, loss mitigation and in the upgrading of distressed properties. Throughout his varied career, Tene has perfected the art of residential and commercial short sale and has negotiated thousands of successful transactions.

Tene has managed a broad spectrum of real estate portfolios and serves as a valuable resource for pricing and analysis issues. As an expert on the distressed real estate market, Tene is a regularly-sought after consultant and guest for a wide array of media outlets including The Los Angeles Times, Business Week, KCAL9, CBS, and specific radio shows including Talking Money and Business Hour. Tene received his education at California State University, Northridge.