Elan Sharon

Elan Sharon has held varied positions within several high technology companies in Israel and in Europe over the last 25 years.

Elan brings leadership and experience in high management levels, multidisciplinary in both, skills, education and international business experience.

Professional highlights include the following:

CEO at Celtro Communication, a technology company developing software compression, optimization and cyber security of cellular and IP traffic backhauling.

Prior to that, he served for more than 10 years as Chief of Sales, Marketing & Operations Officer at Septier Communication – a high tech startup in the fields of cellular positioning, communication interception and cyber information systems for intelligence organizations.

In 2002, as an entrepreneur Elan founded Gluon Video and AVcodes Consulting firms together with Dr. Michael Marcu Working in Scitex Corporation, and while based in Paris in 1996, Elan founded the ‘Print-on-Demand’ division of Scitex Europe.

Acting as General Manager, he led the new division to record sales of more than 30M$ and accelerated growth. As part of the Academic Reserve program of the Israeli Air Force, Elan served as an engineer and took part in major aircraft engineering changes, and air-to-ground guided missile projects. Elan holds a BSc degree in Aeronautical & Space engineering from Technion Institute in Hifa and a MBA from the Tel Aviv University. Elan plays the piano and enjoys snow skiing and tennis.