Dov Fine

Dov Fine is Co-founder & CEO of SafeLuna the first fully remote real-time infant heart rate monitor which safely detects an infant’s heart and respiratory rates without any direct contact.

The idea came to Dov just after his son Zev was born two and a half years ago and learned that all infant monitoring products designed to prevent SIDS and other respiratory disorders were either unreliable wearable electronic devices or movement tracking devices that were not accurate. Dov partnered with Pulse-Or, an Israeli firm specializing in optoelectronic systems, to design a fully remote real-time heart and respiratory infant monitoring device.

Mr. Fine has experience in project and operations management with a demonstrated history in various industries including the computer software industry.

Mr. Fine received his MBA in Entrepreneurship & Strategy from The College of Management Academic Studies, holds a degree in B.Sc. of Industrial Engineering and Management from Jerusalem College of Engineering with an emphasis in Information Systems and also holds a degree of practical engineering of electronics from The Air Force Tech School.