Deborah E. Shalev, Ph.D.

Bio:Debbie Shalev has worked on a number of aspects of drug development over the past 15 years. She has academic experience in research towards identifying drug leads and has worked in collaboration with a number of drug development companies. She brings this expertise to the world of academic engineering education where she has teaches and holds academic administrative and management positions.

Debbie began her career as the liaison between the academia and industry in the DA’AT Consortium for developing new technologies and designing and developing drugs and diagnostic kits (a “MAGNET” project of the Chief Scientist of Israel) on the subject of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR).

She continued her NMR research as a research scientist at the Wolfson Centre for Applied Structural Biology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where she still works on drug- development and discovery from the research point of view in collaboration with over 20 research groups in different institutions; and has worked in collaboration with established and startup companies (Peptor, Glycominds, BTG, Sigma, Bioline). Recently she has branched out and is beginning to work in the field of computational structural biology.

Debbie has developed and taught undergraduate and graduate courses at The Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, the Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem and the Jerusalem College of Technology (Machon Tal).

Debbie joined the Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem as deputy head of the department of Pharmaceutical Engineering, and participated in developing the program including theoretical and lab courses, and collaborating with industry and academy both for academic development and student engineering projects.

Currently Debbie belongs to the senior faculty of the Azrieli College of Engineering, chairing the Committee for Academic Affairs, and holds a part-time research position at the Hebrew University.

Debbie holds a BSc in Chemistry, an MSc (Summa cum laude) in Organic Chemistry, a PhD in Biophysical Chemistry, all from Tel Aviv University, and is a Professor of Chemistry awarded by the Council for Higher Education.

Debbie has two sons, one will start university this year and one is serving in the IDF; sings in the Jerusalem Oratorio Choir and volunteers for the hotline of the Celiac Association, Israel.