David Nezer

David Nezer was born in Morocco and made his Alia to Israel in 1986. David Nezer entered in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1998.

His professional training is in the field of Middle East studies and Geography, having received his B.A from Ben Gurion University in Beer-Sheva and an M.A. in the field of Business Management, from Ben Gurion University.

At the Ministry’s headquarters in Jerusalem, Israel, Mr. Nezer served (1998 2008) in the Political Research Center in charge of Economic research in the Middle East. Mr. Nezer has served as Interim Consul at the Consulate General of Israel at Boston, US (2009) and in the Economic Division Department 2 (2010 – present) with responsibilities for promoting trade and economic relations between Israel and the European countries, as well as a National Contact Point for the State of Israel for European Union Cooperation programs.

Mr. Nezer speaks Hebrew, French his mother tongue, is fluent in English, in Arabic and has a working knowledge of Spanish.

David Nezer is married to Shulamit and they have three children.